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Anu Tailam 10ml – Nasya oil



Anu Tailam is a medicated oil used for the treatment of senses including sinus, nose, ear and upper respiratory tract.

Nasya is a therapeutic process of sinus and cleansing the of the respiratory channel. Anu tailam is a popular oil used for Nasya therapy for daily use as a ritual or therapeutic oil for Ayurvedic detox treatments.

One can use Anu tailam for daily use in the morning or as per the instruction of an ayurvedic doctor or ayurveda practitioner.

  • Anu tailam improves the sense of smell
  • It helps to improve the eyesight and prevent eye diseases.
  • It clear the voice cord and throat.
  • It helps to strengthen the facial muscle, nerves and jaw joint.
  • It helps in sinus infection, inflammation and chronic allergies.
  • It helps in hair fall and graying of the hair.
  • Anu tailam helps the neck stiffness and pain.