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Panchakarma FAQs


They are vamana (therapeutic vomiting oremesis), virechana (purgation), basti (enema), nasya (toxin elimination through the nose), and rakta moksha (detoxification of the blood).

Variables such as your constitution and imbalances will dictate which therapies you receive.

Yes, it does but it is just one positive side effect resulting from the treatments which greatly improve health on many levels.

PK lasts anywhere from 7–30 days. The needs of the individual will indicate the length of the treatment plan required.

You will still reap tremendous rewards for your health with shorter amounts of time spent in PK treatment.

Yes, PK addresses all disease conditions and is used preventatively as well.

PK goes very deep into the body and addresses disease conditions on a cellular level. This is important  because memories, behavior patterns, and emotions that trigger behaviors are rooted deeply within our cellular memory.

  1. Help reset the digestive fire
  2. Heal the gut
  3. Improve digestion
  4. Eliminate toxins
  5. Reduce stress/anxiety
  6. Slow down the aging process
  7. Increase immunity
  8. Reduce excess weight
  9. Lower blood sugar and cholesterol
  10. Decrease brain fog
  11. Increase energy
  12. Elevate mood
  13. Improve discernment for making good choices in life!

Yes, you are guided in creating a daily routine to support your individual needs and be given recommendations for diet and herbs.

Food is an important part of Panchakarma and your meals will be well-balanced according to the guidelines of Ayurveda. In general, you will enjoy three delicious meals daily, healthy and balanced for you. On the detox day(s), you will have a special diet with little food to make sure you get the maximum benefits from the detox.