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Health Benefits of Copper Water

What does it cost to stay healthy or regain good health? Making little changes in the lifestyle, food habits, choice of foods, drinking adequate water and more. These little changes count a lot. Especially, water! We often miss the micro nutrients that come along with us in an effortless way. Let’s name it, Copper Water and explore on the health benefits of copper water! 

Copper Water – An Overlooked Health Routine 

Copper water may appear like a new fad but it is an ancient practice. Copper is an essential mineral vital to the human body. It contains antioxidants, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic properties. Copper also eliminates the toxins and creates a physical harmony. There is more to know about Copper, importance of Copper detailed in Ayurveda and the health benefits of Copper. Lack of copper associates with anemia, poor hair, and digestive troubles. Following are the important health benefits of copper water. 

  • Strengthen digestive system and promotes digestion 
  • Promotes thyroid health and reduces the risk of thyroid disorders and also act as a remedy for hypothyroid condition 
  • Slows down ageing and retains youthful appearance 
  • Prevents and cures infection
  • Reduces the risk of cancer and risk of cardiovascular diseases 
  • Stimulates brain function and reduces the risk of stroke 

Health Benefits of Copper Water – Copper as a Natural Sterile Metal 

Some of the metals throw deadly effects on the pathogens. The medical researchers call it ‘Oligodynamic effect’, which otherwise means it makes people sick when exposed! There are certain germs / microorganisms that antibiotics cannot eliminate. 

Use of copper is too common and unavoidable being naturally sterile metal. Copper is used in making coins, used in door knobs and handles, and more. There is also an old-age practice to drop the copper coins / penny into well, fountain or water sources. Adding copper increased the sanitation of the drinking water. 

Health Benefits of Copper Water – Copper as a Trace Mineral 

Copper is a critical ingredient that binds the nervous system and enables the flow of sensory energy. It is also responsible and promotes radiant skin, youthful appearance and strong hair. The anti-inflammatory properties improve the ability of the body to fight inflammation. In addition, it promotes energy efficiently resulting maximised use of proteins and low fat storage. 

Why Copper Water? 

You may wonder, why copper water? Is there any other source of copper? Before we look into the health benefits of copper water, let’s take a brief outlook on why copper water?

Our body cannot directly synthesise copper. Dietary source is the only way to get adequate copper. When it comes to choice of foods, the foods rich in copper are limited. The simple, easy and convenient way to include copper to the diet / food is water. Above all, it is an economical solution to a wide range of health problems. 

Copper Vessels for Pooja to Copper Water Bottle and Cups 

In olden days, most of the Indian households used copper bowls and cups for Poojas, offerings and used exclusive copper vase called Kalash, where water is stored. After pooja, the water is offered to drink as prasad. The modern adaption of the copper vase / bowl is copper water bottles. 


How to use the copper water for optimal benefits? 

The best way to include copper in your diet is copper water. 

  • Buy pure copper vessel, preferably copper water bottle for easy use. 
  • Fill the bottle with water at night and place in a cool, dry place. Do not refrigerate it. 
  • Drink the water, 1 – 2 glasses on your empty stomach. 
  • Do not drink copper water in litres. Just one or two glasses in the morning is sufficient. 
  • Drink a glass of copper water in the evening or night. 
  • Drink it daily for 3 to 4 weeks and take a break after a month. 

Health Benefits of Copper from Ayurvedic Perspective 

Ayurveda has very strong healing claims on copper for health. Drinking copper enriched water in the early morning or in an empty stomach is the key to balancing the three doshas in the body. 

Ayurveda and its principles along with understanding of the human constitution includes copper as water storing vessel, trace mineral supplement, cleansing element and building Yantras for concentration, medication with respect to spiritual balance.  

Historical evidences state that copper is the first metal used by the humans, dating back to 5000 years ago. The applications of Ayurveda which dates back to same period and included copper for various health benefits. It might be the first instance where humans were supplemented with trace minerals. 

Too much of anything is poison – Ayurveda stands by this statement on taking too much of copper water or copper enriched water. Drinking two to three glasses of copper water is enough for a day. There is no necessity to drink copper water throughout the day, replacing the normal drinking water. 

  • Copper water balances your doshas and five elements in the body, which is crucial for the normal functions of the physique. 
  • Enhances and maximizes the function of the various organs 
  • Promotes absorption of nutrients 
  • Increases the metabolic processes 
  • Cleanses your system and act as detox element 

Drink copper water once or twice a day for optimal health. If you are unsure, don’t hesitate to contact the Ayurvedic physician. If you want pure and high graded copper water bottles, do contact us now. 

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